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Community Involvement

Water Within Reach: Helping schoolkids in Ivory Coast stay in school

Children in Ivory Coast (usually girls) often have to travel for hours at a time to find clean water—or drink untreated water instead, which carries waterborne bacteria that causes many illnesses.

LifeStraw Community water filters, funded through our Clean Water Project in partnership with Cocoa Horizons, give thousands of school-aged children access to safe, clean drinking water that’s easily within reach—so they can focus on learning and developing important life skills.

Adu Abe Guy Laurent is a teacher at the Bayé Sébon village primary school near Duékoué, Ivory Coast. This school was one of the many that benefited from last year’s Clean Water Project to receive life-changing water filters and important WASH education for both teachers and students.

WASH is an acronym that stands for water, sanitation and hygiene. It’s a program used by organizations such as UNICEF to cut down on school absences that are caused by preventable illness. WASH helps to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and promotes the importance of clean water throughout the entire community.

Adu has been a teacher at the Bayé Sébon village primary school for 7 years. Since receiving the water filters, he’s seen attendance go up and his students becoming more engaged in learning.

You can (virtually) meet Adu and some of his students in this special video:

For this year’s Clean Water Project, we have a goal of 50 water filters. We know that with your help, we can reach that goal and help more students and teachers like Adu benefit from clean water that’s just steps, not kilometers, away.

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